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Ji-young Kim

detail information
Introduction she joined the company in 2001. when she was a student at sunhwa arts school, she studied in the u.k. for a while. during her stay, she was admitted to the ballet school of the hamburg ballet but she was also chosen by korea national university of arts in the same year (at the age of 15) as a young talent and graduated in 2001. she has a great physique, stable techniques and expression skills. she also has rich stage experience at competitions and performances in and out of korea.

when she was a senior college student, she was cast as the indian dancer, which requires sophisticated techniques, in the nutcracker choreographed by yury grigorovich, a living ballet legend. as soon as she joined the company in 2001, she played the role of odette/odile in swan lake along with korea’s representative dancers joo-won kim and ji-young kim. in giselle, she successfully interpreted the role of myrtha (the cold and ambitious queen of the wilis). in 2002, she played all the splendid roles in don quixote such as mercedes, the queen of the dryads, the gypsy and the bolero dancer. all of this proves that she is a great dancer who has rich stage experience.

she performed in yury grigorovichs trilogy composed of spartacus, swan lake and the nutcracker at the company from 2000 to 2001. in 2001, she participated in the company’s performance at the shanghai theater academy and in 2002, in its tour performances in japan. in 2003, she danced during the company’s performance in russia. she has also danced in the company’s own “ballet accompanied with commentaries” every year, contributing to the popularization of bal
List of Awards
  • 1997 first place at the fukuoka dance competition
  • 1999 semifinalist at the prix de lausanne
  • 2000 hope prize at the international ballet competition “fouette”
  • 2000 gold prize at the dong-a dance competition
Major work