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Hae-ran Jung

detail information
Introduction arts school in 1997, she went to the u.k. to attend the english national ballet school from 1997 to 1998. she also attended the central school of ballet from september 1998 to july 2000 as a scholarship student. she was selected as a scholarship student at the 2nd scholarship student selection hosted by the ballet masters association of korea to attend the “hong kong international summer dance school,” continuing her efforts to enhance her skills.

behind her cute face lies her passion for ballet which is stronger than anyone else. in the company’s swan lake choreographed by the living ballet legend yuri grigorovich, she performed the waltz, 24 swans’ dance, neapolitan dance and polish princess’ dance. in the nutcracker, she performed fritz, the waltz of the snow, the french doll, the moor and the spanish doll. in 2001, she participated in the company’s performance at the shanghai theater academy. in 2001, she danced during the company’s tour performances in japan. in 2003, she participated in the company’s performance in russia. she has also danced in the company’s own “ballet accompanied with commentaries” every year, contributing to the popularization o
List of Awards
  • 1996 silver prize at the dance competition organized by seoul arts high school
  • 1996 bronze prize at the dance competition hosted by the dance association of korea
  • 1996 second place at the dance competition hosted by sookmyung womens university
Major work