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Romeo et Juliette 

2012 06.15~ 06.15
Opera Theater, Seoul Arts Center
Above Elementary Schoolchild
Running time
130 min.
Standard price
VIP 80,000 / R 60,000 / S 50,000 / A 20,000 / B 10,000 / C 5,000


The 2nd Ballet Festival Korea



Korean National Ballet





Romeo and Juliet


A long time ago, there lived in Verona two rich and powerful families - the Montague and the Capulet- who hated each other with mutual ferocity and loathing. It was customary for the young people of each familiy to regard one another with strong suspicion, and to seek the slightest opportunity for confrontation. The drama thus begins when a swift and deep passion is suddenly engendered between Juliet and Romeo, of the Capulet and Montague families respectively, and seems to follow a logical and inevitable progression of its own. For it is not so much the hatred between the two families which is the source of the lovers' tragic destiny, but the law of chance, that of the hazards of circumstance. The instrument of this destiny is Brother Laurence, a strange individual, who in seeking to do good, allows the worst to happen.
Thus the story begins quite naturally, for Jean-Christophe Maillot, with the presence of this imposing but powerless strategist, flanked by two acolytes, characters who do not exist in Shakespeare's play, but who symbolize here two states of a single being, that hybrid self that we carry within, and who in wanting to act is nonetheless acted upon. The action commences with a scene of fighting, organised around the principal protagonists of the drama: Mercutio and Benvolio for the Montague, Tybalt for the Capulet; Juliet, daughter of the Capulet, has been betrothed by her parents to Paris. She appears at the ball that her parents are giving. Romeo, who covets the unresponsive Rosalind, a guest at the ball, creeps in with his friends, and unexpectedly finds Juliet instead. Falling instantly in love, a kiss consummates their first encounter, and the wheel of fate is set in motion. That same night, in the Capulet's garden, they declare their love, which they will seal the following day.
It is the festival day on the grand square of Verona. Juliet's nurse gives Romeo a letter which instructs him to meet his beloved at the convent, where Brother Laurence will secretly unite them. But the law of chance does not allow matters to rest there. Romeo, who dislikes the idea of fighting, finds himself obliged to avenge his friend Mercutio, mortally wounded by Tybalt, who has sought this conflict with the Montague. In turn, Romeo kills Tybalt, who is Juliet's cousin. After taking refuge with his adored Juliet for one night of love, Romeo must leave. It is Brother Laurence, the facilitator of this mad passion, who proposes an idea to Juliet that is at once brilliant and fatal: a potion that will give her the appearance of death, but in fact merely put her into a deep sleep. But the illusion of death also fools Romeo, who Brother Laurence does not have time to warn of the ruse. Mad with despair, Romeo kills himself, unknowingly leaving a desperate Juliet to commit suicide in turn when she wakes to find him dead. What happens afterwards, Shakespeare does not reveal...

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artistic director Tae-ji Choi
choreography Jean-Christophe Maillot
music Sergei Prokofiev
Stage Ernest Pignon-Ernest
dress Jerome Kaplan
Lighting Dominique Drillot
Casting Korean National Ballet
기타정보 목록
장르 Ballet
주최 Korean National Ballet
문의 02-587-6181
입장연령 Above Elementary Schoolchild
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