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Ballet with Commentary

The 'Ballet Accompanied with Commentaries' Shared by Everyone

Since 1997, the Korean National ballet has greatly contributed to popularizing dance arts with its "ballet accompanied with commentaries" which was introduced in Korean for the first time. This new type of ballet was designed to help the public realize that everyone, not just the few who know a lot about this classical dance, can enjoy ballet. The Company's numerous performances accompanied with commentaries have made itself a leader of this new ballet, influencing not only the ballet milieu but also other performance genres and following the trend of "masstige," a neologism meaning "prestige for the masses."

국내 최초 공연 예술계의 스테디셀러

Although the Company's genre is always ballet but its repertoire includes not only classical works but also modern ones. Moreover, the commentators' familiar and dynamic explanations allow even those who don't know much about ballet to enjoy the performances. As a aresult, a great number of works have drawn public attention. In 2010, celebrating the 14th anniversary of the birth of this new ballet, the Company performed Coppelia, its first ballet whose every act was accompanied with commentary.