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Modern ballet

Modern ballet is a style of ballet that frees itself from the classical ballet style to pursue new, modern and unique expressions. In addition, this ballet puts emphasis on the visual aspect of dance so dancers’ movements and lines are considered more important than storytelling. That is why watching modern ballet works requires the audience to concentrate on dancers’ movements rather than on the stories

  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame
    love, intrigue, and death...
    the hunchback of notre dame
    the story takes place in paris during the renaissance period. hugo’s novel about quasimodo’s undying love for the enchanting gypsy esmeralda and the intrigue and sorrow of the characters was first premiered in london in 1884 as la esmeralda by jules per...
  • Bravo Figaro
    bravo figaro was adapted from “the barber of seville” by the french playwright beaumarchais, a well-known work in drama and opera. elegant music, unique personas, harmonious blends of mime and colorful dance, dramatic development of plot with continuous humor, all resembling the atmosphere on “don quixote.” the premier...
  • Romeo and juliet
    in a capulet family crypt. juliet lies like she is dead. romeo, with inconsolable grief, kisses her lips and tries to feel the last warmth of her body. this is the scene that has moved audiences’ heart for centuries. for its dramatic theme of young lovers facing a tragic end, “romeo and juliet” has attracted numerous c...
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