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Modern ballet

Modern ballet is a style of ballet that frees itself from the classical ballet style to pursue new, modern and unique expressions. In addition, this ballet puts emphasis on the visual aspect of dance so dancers’ movements and lines are considered more important than storytelling. That is why watching modern ballet works requires the audience to concentrate on dancers’ movements rather than on the stories

  • Carmina Burana
    enchanting choral ballet set afloat by the goddess of destiny
    artistic adventure epitomizing all artistic genres

    carmina burana, which refers to the song of the boiren monastery in latin, was made by the contemporary german composer carl orff, a world famous composer.
    the songs concern religion, m...
  • Eternite
    the title “eternite” refers to “immortality.” it is a modern ballet choreographed by the second director of korea national ballet, hae-sik kim in 1993. it is composed of 7 episodes about birth, growth, love, solitude, darkness, jealousy, religious faith and eternity. the ballet portrays the dream of immortality while u...
  • The Fantasy Ballet
    this contemporary ballet, based on a shaman legend of the old joseon era, is the first choreographic work of tae-ji choi. the princess bari is abandoned by her royal family because she is a “girl” in an ancient male-dominated society. the princess is raised by a commoner and grows up as a filial daughter, but eventuall...
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