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Modern ballet

Modern ballet is a style of ballet that frees itself from the classical ballet style to pursue new, modern and unique expressions. In addition, this ballet puts emphasis on the visual aspect of dance so dancers’ movements and lines are considered more important than storytelling. That is why watching modern ballet works requires the audience to concentrate on dancers’ movements rather than on the stories

  • Les Sylphide
    “les sylphide” is a famous ballet, choreographed and performed to the piano music of chopin. the music is one of the most popular music to the public among chopin’s music at the same time. in “les sylphide,” which was created by fokine for the first time, only one male dancer and three ballerinas together with many fem...
  • Symphony in C
    “symphony in c” displays the typical abstract ballet of george balanchine, who brought ballet to life in the u.s. and perfected the modern style. story has been eliminated while employing classical ballet techniques to express the choreographer’s intentions only through the dancers’ fast and energetic movements in flow...
  • Requiem
    a march of death proceeds as the requiem drifts through the air, and the years pass by from the birth of a human being. eunasha represents the childhood, musina the youth, and srarik the old age. the shoking stage set transforms itself into a crucifix, a keyhole, heaven’s portal, and a human eye, while the sophisticate...
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