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Modern ballet

Modern ballet is a style of ballet that frees itself from the classical ballet style to pursue new, modern and unique expressions. In addition, this ballet puts emphasis on the visual aspect of dance so dancers’ movements and lines are considered more important than storytelling. That is why watching modern ballet works requires the audience to concentrate on dancers’ movements rather than on the stories

  • Dove La Luna
    “dov’e la luna” mans “where is the moon?” just like the title implies, this performance has a very romantic story behind it. the choreographer jean-christophe maillot was traveling the mediterranean with princess caroline of monaco, the chairperson of the board of directors of his ballet company. they were on the deck ...
  • Musagete
    “musagete” appears in greek mythology as a goddess supervising various arts such as dances, songs, poems, plays, etc. this work was presented to the new york city ballet by boris eifman celebrating choreographer george balanchine’s centennial. it holds choreographer’s respect for balanchine and his gratitude to balanch...
  • L'Epreuve d'Amour
    “l’epreuve d’amour,” adopted from korean’s “chunhyang,” fascinated european audience from 1950 to 1960 since premiere in 1936.
    in 1936, les ballets de monte premiered “l’epreuve d’amour” created with subject matter from korean classics “chunhyangjun.” choreography including gorgeous arm movements which allure the ...
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