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Modern ballet

Modern ballet is a style of ballet that frees itself from the classical ballet style to pursue new, modern and unique expressions. In addition, this ballet puts emphasis on the visual aspect of dance so dancers’ movements and lines are considered more important than storytelling. That is why watching modern ballet works requires the audience to concentrate on dancers’ movements rather than on the stories

  • Monologue
    the first release of “a series of korean choreographers” among “ballet with commentary” of the korea national ballet. there are five women and five men. the pairing effort between the introverted women and the extroverted men, all having different temperaments, comes to naught. in the end, they return to their former s...
  • Allegro Brilliant
    <allegro brilliante> uses balanchine’s well-known early choreography premiered in 1956. dance and tchaikovsky’s piano concerto no. 3. 1st mov fit well together. like other balanchine choreographies, the costume and stage sets are minimal. two featured male and female dancers and four pairs of dancers appear on th...
  • Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux
    balanchine choreographed this repertoire, which was premiered in 1960 by the new york city ballet, to music originally composed for <swan lake> act 3, black swan pas de deux by tchaikovsky.
    this repertoire was only intended as a pas de deux but the perfect accuracy and the partnership created b the dancers’...
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