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Korea National Ballet

Since the Korea National Ballet was founded in 1962, the Company has made continuous efforts to create ballets with Korean themes. Sung-nam Lim, its first director and choreographer, created Korean ballets based on the country’s various legends such as Baek’s Fantasy, Jigwi’s Dream, Cheoyong, Chunhyang's Love, Baebijang and Prince Hodong. Moreover, the Company is also looking for young choreographers so that they can create their own works. Most recently, the full-length version of Prince Hodong (choreographed by Byung-nam Moon), which is based on a Korean legend, was greatly acclaimed by the public and Coppelia (choreographed by James Chun), whose every act was accompanied with a commentary, was also praised by many, contributing to the globalization of creative ballets.

  • Love of Chunhyang
    this ballet is adapted from “chunhyangjeon” that is familiar to korean. while “chunhyangjeon” has already been introduced as an opera or a play, the ballet version embodies fantastic and abstract shapes on the stage to center around the world. sung-nam lim, the 1st artistic director of the korea national ballet made a ca...
  • The Fearful symmetries
    the 3rd release of “a series of korean choreographers” among “ballet with commentary” of the korea national ballet. it is a metaphor for 21st century human suffering from devastating environmental pollution and moral vacuum. it warns that the delicate equilibrium between nature and people, people and people, and material...
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