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Korea National Ballet

Since the Korea National Ballet was founded in 1962, the Company has made continuous efforts to create ballets with Korean themes. Sung-nam Lim, its first director and choreographer, created Korean ballets based on the country’s various legends such as Baek’s Fantasy, Jigwi’s Dream, Cheoyong, Chunhyang's Love, Baebijang and Prince Hodong. Moreover, the Company is also looking for young choreographers so that they can create their own works. Most recently, the full-length version of Prince Hodong (choreographed by Byung-nam Moon), which is based on a Korean legend, was greatly acclaimed by the public and Coppelia (choreographed by James Chun), whose every act was accompanied with a commentary, was also praised by many, contributing to the globalization of creative ballets.

  • Cheoyong
    this ballet was adopted from the “cheoyong-ga,” which is a sad poem in “samgukyusa” about cheoyong who had a man take his wife away from him. the “cheoyongmu” is a source of our dance that is handed down from joseon dynasty through goryeo. it is very meaningful it revives as ballet. showing the character “cheoyong” who o...
  • The Dream of Jigwi
    the 1st release of 7 original entire ballets by sung-nam lim, the first director of the korea national ballet. in the era of unified silla of korea, general’s man jigwi falls in love with queen seondok and dreams of loving her. when queen seondok became aware of his love, she presents him a golden bracelet. on wearing it...
  • baebijang
    the 3rd release of the original entire ballets and the 1st comic ballet in korea by sung-nam lim, the first director of the korea national ballet. the original work baebijangjun as 1 of the 12 pansori madangs points out the issues of that era. instead of spreading the story in a routine way (introduction, development, tu...
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