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Roland Petit 

2010 07.15~ 07.18
Opera Theater, Seoul Arts Center
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 A day which ought to have been one of happiness, the joy of two families at last reunited: the long-awaited marriage of these two young lovers in Provence: Frederi and Vivette. What fears! What tears had preceded their engagement! But today the families can tie their bonds of prosperity and fullness together: the “young” have said “yes”. How lovely Vivette is! How proud she feels to introduce her beloved to everyone! And how strong Frederi is! How judicious! Has he not forever and solemnly sealed his heart to the girl from Arles?

But all of a sudden the recollection of that “woman of prohibited passionate love” returns more vividly, tenaciously and more realistically than any witness to the “marriage”. Frederi forgets everything and everyone, Vivette and the others. He only has eyes for the shadow of “his” Arlesienne. And as he dances hopelessly only with that phantom, he is convinced that every man is dancing with her shadow. He is blinded by the red veil of jealousy. Vivette has spied on him and realizes that Frederi is no longer hers. She attempts to drag, or rather carry him away, by now a broken-down body. But Frederi “has death in his eyes” and madness in his heart...

Thus the inhabitants of the farmhouse can believe in a possible agreement. The young men and girls drag the newly-weds into a wild farandole. The wedding night will be one of mourning, the bridal chamber a tomb. The blazing Van Gogh sky closes and descends like lead into the ill-fated couple. With a cry, Frederi, overcome by forbidden love, flings himself into space...


Le Jeune homme et la Mort

In a studio, a young man waits alone.
A girl, who is the cause of his anguish, enters.
He rushes towards her. She pushes him away.
He implores her.
She insults and ridicules him and runs away. He hangs himself.

The room vanishes. Only the hanging body remains.
Over the rooftops, death arrives in evening dress.
Death takes off her mask: it is the girl.
Then she places the mask on her victim’s face.

Together, they go off across the rooftops.



Scene one
From a building in a crowded street in Seville comes the noise of an uproar. A woman rushes down the stairs, with Carmen in hot pursuit. The two women come to blows and Carmen is on the point of committing murder. Don José intervenes, but takes an instant fancy to her and decides to follow her.

Scene two
In a tavern, José dances to the notes of a habanera; Carmen allows others to court her but then kneels before José, who wraps her in his cloak and escapes with her.

Scene three
In Carmen’s bedroom, José is smoking. The woman launches into an erotic dance, then goes to the window and looks out. José’s jealousy is aroused and again he possesses her. Enter three of Carmen’s friends, who whisper something into her ear.

Scene four
At night, in a deserted Seville street, a brief conspiracy takes place. José has been persuaded to kill for money. He lays into a man and robs him. But Carmen and her companions seize the stolen money and flee, pursued by the murderer.


Scene five
In the plaza de toros, jubilant girls await the torero. When he arrives, borne in triumph, he greets and courts his admirers. Standing aside, Carmen attracts his attention. The crowd follows the bullfighter into the arena. As Carmen moves to join the procession, the jealous José bursts onto the scene. A long struggle ensues between the two love

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Choreographer Roland Petit
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artistic director Tae-ji Choi
choreography Roland Petit
기타정보 목록
주최 Korea National Ballet
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